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Restructuring the State Cabinet

Article II, Section 8(h)(1); Article III, Subsections 8(b), 16(b) and (f), 19(f)(3); Article IV, Subsections 3(b), 4, 7(a), and 8(a); Article VIII, Section 1(i); Article IX, Section 2; Article XI, Subsections 2(c), 3, 4, 5(a), and 6(e); Article XII, Subsections 9(c)(5) and 22

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Merges cabinet offices of treasurer and comptroller into one chief financial officer; reduces cabinet membership to chief financial officer, attorney general, agriculture commissioner; secretary of state and education commissioner eliminated from elected cabinet; secretary of state duties defined by law; changes composition of state board of education from governor and cabinet to board appointed by governor; board appoints education commissioner; defines state board of administration, trustees of internal improvement trust fund, land acquisition trust fund.

Constitution Revision Commission

Status: Passed
Made Ballot: 05/05/1998 
Ballot Number: 8  
Election Date: 11/03/1998 
 Votes For: 1,950,311   
 Votes Against: 1,562,234   

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