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Limited Political Terms in Certain Elective Offices

Article IV, Section 4

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Limits terms by prohibiting incumbents who have held the same elective office for the preceding eight years from appearing on the ballot for re-election to that office. Offices covered are: Florida Representative and Senator, Lieutenant Governor, Florida Cabinet, and U.S. Senator and Representative. Terms of office beginning before amendment approval are not counted.

Citizens for Limited Political Terms PAC
Post Office Box 3090
Winter Park, FL 32790-0000
(407) 644-9700
  Contact: F. Philip Handy, Chairperson

Statewide total needed for judicial and financial impact review: 36,389 
Statewide total needed to make ballot position: 363,886 
Statewide total currently valid: 0*
Congressional district totals needed for judicial and economic reviews and ballot placement, with currently valid signatures: View by District by County
*Statewide and congressional district totals for ballot position are NOT OFFICAL until an initiative petition is certified to have made ballot. Once an initiative petition is certified for ballot position, total currently valid may exceed the official totals at time of certification. For status on ballot position, see Status Table below.
Two signature thresholds must first be met for ballot position: 1) statewide total [8 percent of the votes cast in the last presidential election], and 2) Congressional District signature totals in at least 14 of Florida's 27 Congressional Districts [8 percent of the votes cast in each Congressional District in the last presidential election]. See section 3, Article XI, Fla. Const., section 100.371, Fla. Stat.
A Congressional District may consist of one or more counties and a county may be part of more than one congressional district. To find out the signature threshold required in each Congressional District for review and ballot position, the current number of verified signatures in each Congressional District by county, and how many Congressional Districts may have met or exceeded signature thresholds, click the link above titled "View by District by County".

Status: Passed
Approval Date: 04/03/1991 
Undue Burden:  
Made Review:  
Attorney General:  
Sent to Supreme Court:  
Supreme Court Ruling: Constitutional :  The initiative petition and proposed ballot summary meet the requirements of art. XI, Sec. 3 of the Fla. Const., and sec. 101.161, F.S.  
SC Ruling Date: 12/19/1991 
Made Ballot: 07/23/1992 
Ballot Number: 9  
Election Date: 11/03/1992 
 Votes For: 3,625,500   
 Votes Against: 1,097,127   

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