Download Candidate List

The Division of Elections has provided this utility for downloading candidate information which is updated regularly. When selecting the "Download" button below, a tab-delimited file of candidate data will be downloaded to your machine. The format of this file can be opened and further processed in most spreadsheet and database programs. The table below provides a description of the fields comprising the data extract file.

Election Year:

State Office:




Candidate Extract File Layout

Field Format Usage
AcctNum Number Candidate ID
VoterID Number Voter ID
ElectionID Char (12) Election Code
OfficeCode Char (3) Office Code
OfficeDesc Char Office Description
Juris1num Char (3) District/Circuit Number
Juris2num Char (3) Group/Seat Number
StatusCode Char (3) Status Code
StatusDesc Char Candidate Status
PartyCode Char (3) Party Affiliation Code
PartyName Char Name of Party Affiliation
NameLast Char Candidate Last Name
NameFirst Char Candidate First Name
NameMiddle Char Candidate Middle Name
SuppressAddress Char (1) Y or N
Addr1 Char Address Line 1
Addr2 Char Address Line 2
City Char City
State Char (2) State
Zip Char Zip Code
County Code Char (3) County Code
Phone Char Phone Number
TrsNameLast Char Treasurer's Last Name
TrsNameFirst Char Treasurer's First Name
TrsNameMiddle Char Treasurer's Middle Name
Email Char Email Address