Candidate Listing for 2024 General Election

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President of the United States
Candidate Status Primary General
Ayyadurai, Shiva  (NPA) Active    
Barnett, Latoya  (WRI) Active    
Biden Jr, Joseph R. (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified for PPP    
Binkley, Ryan L. (REP) Qualified for PPP    
Christie, Chris  (REP) Qualified for PPP    
Dename Jr., Michael  (WRI) Active    
DeSantis, Ron  (REP) Qualified for PPP    
Dwyer, Angela  (WRI) Active    
Gillespie, Neil J. (NPA) Active    
Haley, Nikki R. (REP) Qualified for PPP    
Handford, Tevin Alexander (LPF) Active    
Hutchinson, Asa  (REP) Qualified for PPP    
Irving, Shondra  (WRI) Active    
Jones, Perry  (WRI) Active    
Kennedy Jr, Robert F. (NPA)  /  Shanahan, Nicole  Active    
Kraft, Ry Olivier Christian (DEM) Active    
McNeil, Andre R. (NPA) Active    
Metwally, Amr  (WRI) Active    
No Labels Party, (Not Yet Designated) Nominee for (NLP) Active    
Peterson, Brent Alan (NPA) Active    
Quigley, Robert Allen (WRI) Active    
Ramaswamy, Vivek  (REP) Qualified for PPP    
Sherman, Jasmine  (NPA) Active    
Stagg, Silvia  (WRI) Active    
Stewart, Benjamin  (WRI) Active    
Stried, Christopher  (WRI) Active    
Thompson, Sylvania  (NPA) Active    
Toulme Jr, Alix Christopher (WRI) Active    
Travis, Brian M. (IND) Active    
Trump, Donald J. (REP) Qualified for PPP    

United States Senator
Candidate Status Primary General
Bonoan, Feena  (LPF) Qualified    
Campbell, Stanley  (DEM) Qualified    
Columbus, John S. (REP) Qualified    
Everidge, Ben  (NPA) Qualified    
Grayson, Alan  (DEM) Qualified    
Gross, Keith  (REP) Qualified    
Joseph, Rod  (DEM) Qualified    
Knepper, Howard  (WRI) Qualified    
Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie  (DEM) Qualified    
Nguyen, Tuan TQ (NPA) Qualified    
Rush, Brian  (DEM) Qualified    
Scott, Rick  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified    

United States Representative (Palm Beach County)
District Candidate Status Primary General
20 Cherfilus-McCormick, Sheila  (DEM)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
21 Felton, Elizabeth  (WRI) Qualified    
  Mast, Brian  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified    
  Wiles, Rick  (REP) Qualified    
  Witkop, Thomas  (DEM) Qualified Unopposed  
22 Adeimy, Deborah  (REP) Qualified    
  Frankel, Lois  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified Unopposed  
  Franzese, Dan  (REP) Qualified    
  Gutmann, Andrew  (REP) Qualified    
23 Barve, Gary  (REP) Qualified    
  Cerezo Swaffar, Darlene  (REP) Qualified    
  Kaufman, Joseph "Joe"  (REP) Qualified    
  Moskowitz, Jared  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified Unopposed  
  Spalding, Carla  (REP) Qualified    
  Thelusca, Joe  (REP) Qualified    
  Weinroth, Robert S. (REP) Qualified    

State Attorney (Palm Beach County)
Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
15 Cox, Alexcia  (DEM) Qualified    
  Farkas, Adam  (NPA) Qualified    
  Freedman, Forrest  (REP) Qualified    
  Lerman, Gregg S. (DEM) Qualified    
  Stern, Sam  (REP) Qualified    
  Williams, Craig  (DEM) Qualified    

Public Defender (Palm Beach County)
Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
15 Eisinger, Daniel  (DEM) Qualified    
  Frankel, Adam  (DEM) Qualified    

State Senator (Palm Beach County)
District Candidate Status Primary General
31 Bauer, Joseph Alan (REP) Active    
  Harrell, Gayle  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Hawkins, Aaron James (DEM) Active    

State Representative (Palm Beach County)
District Candidate Status Primary General
86 Snyder, John  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
87 Caruso, Michael A. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Osta, Sienna  (DEM) Active    
88 Barber, Ramon Arte (REP) Active    
  Edmonds, Jervonte "Tae" (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
89 Baker Sutton, Rosalyn Destinie (DEM) Active    
  Tendrich, Debra  (DEM) Active    
  Zapata, Daniel  (REP) Active    
90 Bradshaw, Jesse Arthurdavid (NPA) Active    
  Casello, Joe  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Reicherter, William "Bill" (REP) Active    
91 Gossett-Seidman, Peggy  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Hamilton, Michaelangelo Collins (DEM) Active    
  Shooster, Jay  (DEM) Active    
92 Skidmore, Kelly  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
93 Gerwig, Anne Millington (REP) Active    
  Rios, Christian  (REP) Active    
  Waldron, Katherine  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
94 Acosta, Christian  (REP) Active    
  Aguirre, Anthony  (REP) Active    
  Carter, Jon  (REP) Active    
  Fox, Gabrielle M. (REP) Active    
  Litt, Rachelle  (DEM) Active    
  Weinberger, Megan  (REP) Active    

Supreme Court Justice
Candidate Status Primary General
Francis, Renatha  (NOP) Qualified    
Sasso, Meredith  (NOP) Qualified    

District Court of Appeal (Palm Beach County)
District Candidate Status Primary General
4 Conner, Burton C. (NOP) Qualified    
  Kuntz, Jeffrey T. (NOP) Qualified    

Circuit Judge (Palm Beach County)
Circuit / Group Candidate Status Primary General
15 / 6 Surber, Melanie  (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 10 Harper, Bradley  (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 11 Shull, Darren  (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 13 Kerner, Scott Ryan (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 14 Scott, Reid Parker (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 15 Parnofiello, John J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 18 Cheesman, Maxine  (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 19 Kroll, Kathleen J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 24 Rowe, Cymonie S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 25 Willis, Sarah  (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 26 Martz, James L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 29 Weiss, Daliah H. (NOP)  *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed