Candidate Listing for 2022 General Election

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  • You can narrow your search results for candidates by county. A search by county will provide a list of candidates running for offices for which all or a portion of the geographical area represented by the office is located in that county. For information on county or municipal candidates, please contact your local Supervisor of Elections.


United States Senator
Candidate Status Primary General
Abud, Edward  (DEM) Active    
Barberena, Carlos J. (NPA) Active    
Bennett, Shantele  (NPA) Active    
Harshman, Dana Alan (DEM) Active    
Knepper, Howard  (REP) Active    
Larose, Josue  (DEM) Active    
Loubriel, Jake Phillip (REP) Active    
Miguel, Luis  (REP) Active    
Misigoy, Dennis  (LPF) Active    
Sanchez, William Jose (DEM) Active    
Weil, Joshua  (DEM) Active    
Yearicks IV, Earl Frank (REP) Active    

United States Representative
District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Gaetz, Matt  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Jones, Rebekah  (DEM) Active    
  Kelly, Jeremy  (REP) Active    
  Merk, Greg  (REP) Active    
  Schiller, Margaret Ann (DEM) Active    
2 Dunn, Neal Patrick (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Garrett, Mark Christopher (NPA) Active    
  Rutherford, Aaron Frank (NPA) Active    
  Stripling, Karen  (DEM) Active    
3 Cammack, Kat  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Robinson, Andrew Preston (DEM) Active    
  Sumpter Jr., Milton  (DEM) Active    
  Waters, Justin James (REP) Active    
  Wells, Tom Beckwith (DEM) Active    
4 Aguilar, Erick Javier (REP) Active    
  Garner-Lopez, Leigha J. (REP) Active    
  Koniz, Gary L. (REP) Active    
  Rutherford, John  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
5 Chuba, Jon  (REP) Active    
  Crooms, Connell Aubrey (DEM) Active    
6 Davis, Charles E (REP) Active    
  Hannoush, Joseph "Joe" (LPF) Active    
  Nolan, John G. "Gerry" (NPA) Active    
  Thripp, Richard  (DEM) Active    
  Waltz, Michael  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
7 Benfield, Erika  (REP) Active    
  Cavagna, Joseph  (REP) Active    
  Liggett, Jeremy S. (REP) Active    
  Sabatini, Anthony  (REP) Active    
8 Posey, Bill  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Terry, Joanne R. (DEM) Active    
  Wells, Patrick Lee (REP) Active    
9 Castillo, Jose  (REP) Active    
  Olson, William  (REP) Active    
  Ortiz, Sergio E. (REP) Active    
  Shepherd III, George Garrett (REP) Active    
10 Achenbach, Jack Joseph (DEM) Active    
  Atkinson, Eric B (DEM) Active    
  Boone, Jeffrey  (DEM) Active    
  Bracy, Randolph  (DEM) Active    
  Holic, Jason Kyle (NPA) Active    
  King, William "Bill" (REP) Active    
  Montague, Willie  (REP) Active    
  Tachon, Teresa  (DEM) Active    
  Walls-Windhauser, Angela M. (REP) Active    
  Wimbish, Calvin B. (REP) Active    
11 Deno, Al  (REP) Active    
  Jones, Lateresa  (REP) Active    
  Loomer, Laura  (REP) Active    
  Martin, Jack  (REP) Active    
  Puzio, Jonathan M. (IND) Active    
  Soriano, Eliyahu Gavriel (REP) Active    
  Webster, Daniel  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
12 Bilirakis, Gus M. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Perras, Brian  (REP) Active    
  Perrone, William Peter (REP) Active    
  Preskitt, Sid  (REP) Active    
  VanHorn, William  (DEM) Active    
  Walker, Kimberly H. (DEM) Active    
13 Craft, Frank  (LPF) Active    
  Curnow, Jacob Daniel (REP) Active    
  Diamond, Ben  (DEM) Active    
  Hotchkiss, Christian  (DEM) Active    
  Kennedy, Jacob Douglas (REP) Active    
  Lynn, Eric  (DEM) Active    
  Nadkarni, Dipak D. (REP) Active    
  Quinn, Christine  (REP) Active    
14 Castor, Kathy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Mishiyev, Erik  (NPA) Active    
  Toulme Jr, Alix Christopher (DEM) Active    
  Urbina, Angel  (REP) Active    
15 Brown, Gavin  (DEM) Active    
  Franklin, Scott  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Philippe, Jesse  (DEM) Active    
  Raybon, Jennifer Susan (REP) Active    
16 Schneider, Jan  (DEM) Active    
17 Bevan, Andrew  (DEM) Active    
  Steube, Greg  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
18 Balderramos Robinson, Corinna  (DEM) Active    
  Martz, Melissa  (REP) Active    
  Mast, Brian  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Smith, Dr. Joe  (REP) Active    
19 Banyai, Cindy Lyn (DEM) Active    
  Donalds, Byron  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
20 Anderson, Dwight  (DEM) Active    
  DeGrammont, Vic  (REP) Active    
  Holness, Dale V.C. (DEM) Active    
21 Adeimy, Deborah  (REP) Active    
  Arianas, Peter Steven (REP) Active    
  Buongiorno, Jeffrey "Bongi" D. (REP) Active    
  Dorilás, Rod  (REP) Active    
  Frankel, Lois  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Franzese, Daniel John (REP) Active    
  Skrbic, Ljubo  (REP) Active    
22 Chess, Steven  (REP) Active    
  Pruden, James L (REP) Active    
  Scott, Christine  (NPA) Active    
  Swaffar, Darlene  (REP) Active    
23 Millwee, Robert  (DEM) Active    
  Olson, Jeffrey E. (REP) Active    
  Spalding, Carla  (REP) Active    
  Suleman, Saad B. (REP) Active    
  Young, Rubin  (REP) Active    
24 Glixman, Yosaif A. (NPA) Active    
  Spicer, Lavern  (REP) Active    
25 Aquino, Darren Dione (REP) Active    
  Clark, Drew-Montez  (REP) Active    
26 Paredes, Juan  (DEM) Active    
  Schaffer, Jeremiah  (REP) Active    
  Swanson, Ruth Ann (REP) Active    

Candidate Status Primary General
Crist, Charlie Joseph (DEM) Active    
DeSantis, Ron  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
Freeman, David Nelson (DEM) Active    
Fried, Nikki  (DEM) Active    
Gibson, Kyle  (NPA) Active    
Graham, Ivan  (DEM) Active    
Hughes Jr, Frank  (NPA) Active    
Karns, Jonathan  (DEM) Active    
Lionheart, Amaro  (DEM) Active    
Lundmark, Alexander  (DEM) Active    
Mercadante, John Joseph (REP) Active    
Steele, Eugene H (NPA) Active    
Taddeo, Annette  (DEM) Active    
Wexler, David Wayne Gizmo (IND) Active    
Willis, Robert Lee (DEM) Active    
Zapata, Randy  (DEM) Active    

Attorney General
Candidate Status Primary General
Lewis, Jim  (DEM) Active    
Moody, Ashley  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    

Chief Financial Officer
Candidate Status Primary General
Dembinsky, Richard Paul (NPA) Active    
Patronis, Jimmy  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    

Commissioner of Agriculture
Candidate Status Primary General
Morales, Ryan  (DEM) Active    
Olle Jr, Richard Earl (REP) Active    
Shaw, James  (REP) Active    
Simpson, Wilton  (REP) Active    

State Attorney
Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
6 Bartlett, Bruce  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Miller, Allison Ferber (DEM) Active    
20 Fox, Amira  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    

Public Defender
Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
20 Smith, Kathleen A (REP)  *Incumbent Active    

State Senator
District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Broxson, Douglas V. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
2 Gainer, George Broward (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
3 Ausley, Loranne Elizabeth (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Fuller, Virginia  (REP) Active    
4 Yarborough, Clay  (REP) Active    
5 Bradley, Jennifer  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
6 Davis, Tracie  (DEM) Active    
  Gaffney, Reggie  (DEM) Active    
  Kumar, Binod  (REP) Active    
  Owen, Brooklyn  (DEM) Active    
7 Hutson, Travis J. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  James, Gerald  (REP) Active    
8 Long, Rodney J (DEM) Active    
  Perry, W. Keith (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Stout, Adam Paul (DEM) Active    
9 Brodeur, Jason  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
10 Ingoglia, Blaise  (REP) Active    
  Legg, John M. (REP) Active    
  Massullo Jr, Ralph E. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
11 Brown, Kamia Latasha (DEM) Active    
  Thompson, Geraldine F (DEM) Active    
12 Baxley, Dennis K. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
13 Jackson, Bonnie J. (REP) Active    
  Plasencia, Rene "Coach P" (REP) Active    
  Stewart, Linda  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
14 Wright, Tommy A. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
15 Torres Jr, Victor M. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
16 Hooper, Ed  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
17 Mayfield, Debbie  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
18 Rifkin, Janet Cruz (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
19 Khargie, Janelle Renee (DEM) Active    
  Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
20 Burgess Jr, Daniel Wright (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Harvey Sr, Michael  (DEM) Active    
21 Boyd, Jim  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
22 Burton, Colleen  (REP) Active    
  Valentin, Bienvenido  (REP) Active    
23 Gruters, Joe  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
24 DiCeglie, Nick  (REP) Active    
  Lewis, Timothy J. (REP) Active    
  Ortiz, Eunic  (DEM) Active    
25 Harrell, Gayle B. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
26 Albritton, Ben  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
27 Rodrigues, Ray  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
28 Passidomo, Kathleen C. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
29 Norton, Brian Andrew (REP) Active    
  Polsky, Tina  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
30 Powell Jr, Bobby  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
31 Berman, Lori  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
32 Bivona Belviso, Diana  (REP) Active    
  Book, Lauren  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
33 Thurston Jr, Perry E. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Williams, Patricia Hawkins (DEM) Active    
34 Farmer Jr, Gary M. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
35 Jones, Shevrin  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
36 Diaz Jr, Manny  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
37 Garcia, Ileana  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Grieco, Michael C. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Perez, Janelle  (DEM) Active    
38 Pizzo, Jason  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
39 Rodriguez, Ana Maria (REP)  *Incumbent Active    

State Representative
District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Mathis, Franscine C. (DEM) Active    
  Salzman, Michelle Lynn (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
2 Andrade, Robert  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Litton, Jon Gregory (REP) Active    
  Romagnano, Chase Anderson "Andy" (DEM) Active    
  Taylor, Carollyn Rabeca (DEM) Active    
3 Calkins, Mariya  (REP) Active    
  Williamson, Jayer  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
4 Maney, Patt  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
5 Abbott, Shane  (REP) Active    
  Coley, Vance  (REP) Active    
  Pate, Joel Clinton (REP) Active    
6 Clowdus, Brian  (REP) Active    
  Griffitts Jr, Philip Wayne (REP) Active    
7 Shoaf, Jason  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
8 Alexander, Ramon Jermaine (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
9 Tant, Allison  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
10 Brannan III, Robert C. "Chuck" (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
11 Brockwell, Heath  (REP) Active    
  Byrd, Cord  (REP) Active    
  Hodges, Bo Wade (REP) Active    
  Nunez, Emily Grace (REP) Active    
12 Baker, Jessica  (REP) Active    
  Michael, Kiyan Helen (REP) Active    
  Ray III, Lake G. (REP) Active    
13 Dennis, Garrett L. (DEM) Active    
  Hinton, Iris L (DEM) Active    
  Pollock, Mincy  (DEM) Active    
  Wells, Jordan  (REP) Active    
14 Nixon, Angie Monique (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
15 Duggan, Wyman  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Thomas, Tammyette  (DEM) Active    
16 Brandon, Adam  (REP) Active    
17 Slavin, Ed  (DEM) Active    
  Stevenson, Cyndi  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
18 Garrison, Sam  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Jones, Cornelius Dwayne (DEM) Active    
19 Miguel, Luis Antonio (REP) Active    
  Payne, Bobby  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
20 Hayes Hinson, Yvonne  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
21 Appiah, Tayari Amie (REP) Active    
  Clemons Sr, Charles "Chuck" Wesley (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
22 Byram, Barbara  (DEM) Active    
  Harding, Joe  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
23 McClain, Stan  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
24 Renner, Paul  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Sharp, Timothy Allen (REP) Active    
25 Leek, Tom  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
26 Fetterhoff, Elizabeth  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Navarra, John  (DEM) Active    
27 Barnaby, Webster  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
28 Caruso, Mark A. (DEM) Active    
  Smith, David  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
29 Dowe, Luther "Luke" (DEM) Active    
  Plakon, Rachel  (REP) Active    
  Santos, Richard  (REP) Active    
30 Goff-Marcil, Joy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Wuertz, Drake  (REP) Active    
31 Truenow, Keith  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
32 Dukes, Stephanie L. (DEM) Active    
  Helfrich, Banks  (NPA) Active    
  Holcomb, Jim  (REP) Active    
  Silbernagel, Matthew  (REP) Active    
  Yarkosky, Taylor  (REP) Active    
33 Hage, Brett  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Marwah, Ashok "Ash" K. (DEM) Active    
34 Bays, Rebecca Kay (REP) Active    
  Cloud, Tod Gordon (REP) Active    
  Grow, JJ  (REP) Active    
  Merrill, Dale Marie (REP) Active    
  Pierson, Nancy Sue (DEM) Active    
  Reinhardt, Paul John (REP) Active    
35 Holcomb, Jeff  (REP) Active    
  Kocovic, Anthony  (REP) Active    
36 Cocuzza, Jayden Pryce (REP) Active    
  Mariano, Amber Lynn (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
37 Zika, Ardian  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
38 Maggard, Randy  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Staver, Brian  (DEM) Active    
39 Tomkow, Josie  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
40 Canady, Jennifer  (REP) Active    
  Kelly, Allison Marie (LPF) Active    
  Poucher, Nicholas Greg (REP) Active    
  Walker, Phillip E. (REP) Active    
41 Killebrew, Sam  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
42 Chaffin, Tahitiana Alejandra (DEM) Active    
  Hawkins, Fred  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
43 Arrington, Kristen Aston (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Hawk, Jeffrey A (REP) Active    
  Nieves, Anthony  (DEM) Active    
44 Francois, Vennia  (REP) Active    
  Frevola, Janet  (REP) Active    
  Thompson, Geraldine F. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
45 Davis, LaVon Bracy (DEM) Active    
  Myers, Melissa S. (DEM) Active    
  Robertson, Nathan  (REP) Active    
46 Harris, Robin Denise (GRE) Active    
  McCurdy, Travaris  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
47 Dwyer, David  (REP) Active    
  Eskamani, Anna V. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
48 Morales, Daisy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
49 Rodriguez, Jay J (REP) Active    
  Smith, Carlos Guillermo (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
50 Bagga, Rishi Singh (DEM) Active    
  Davenport, Kenneth  (REP) Active    
  Furman, Richard A (REP) Active    
  Hattaway, Robyn  (REP) Active    
  Keen, Tom  (DEM) Active    
  Perry, Angelique "Angel" (REP) Active    
  Wright, Christopher Robert (REP) Active    
  Zhao, Yukong  (REP) Active    
51 Sirois, Tyler  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
52 Altman, Thad  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Langevin, Chandler Austin (REP) Active    
53 Fine, Randy  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Yantz, Anthony Jay (DEM) Active    
54 Brackett, Robert Austin (REP) Active    
  Grall, Erin  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
55 Garcia, Angel Luiz (LPF) Active    
  Tuck, Kaylee Alexis (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
56 Bell, Melony M. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
57 Beltran, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
58 McClure, Lawrence  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Wright, Lorissa Jasmine (DEM) Active    
59 Learned, Andrew Phillips (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Minardi, Michael C (REP) Active    
60 Toledo, Jackie  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
61 Hart, Dianne "Ms Dee" (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
62 Hoffman, Jake  (REP) Active    
  Lanz, Maura Cruz (REP) Active    
  Valdes, Susan L. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
63 Bonano, Lisette R. (REP) Active    
  Driskell, Fentrice Denell (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
64 Koster, Traci  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
65 Anderson, Adam  (REP) Active    
  Johnson, Kelly Lynn (DEM) Active    
66 Jacques, Berny  (REP) Active    
  Tomczak, Alen  (REP) Active    
  Wilson, Jennifer  (REP) Active    
67 Berfield, Kimberly "Kim" (REP) Active    
  Holloway, Jason  (REP) Active    
  Saportas, Joseph  (DEM) Active    
  Vricos, Jim  (REP) Active    
68 Cross, Lindsay  (DEM) Active    
69 Chaney, Linda  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
70 Cooley, Dennis  (REP) Active    
  Hotchkiss, Christian David (DEM) Active    
  Mallory, Trevor  (DEM) Active    
  Newton Sr., Wengay M. (DEM) Active    
  Rayner, Michele K. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
71 Robinson, Will  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
72 McFarland, Fiona  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Trombley, Conner Jacob (NPA) Active    
73 Gregory, Tommy  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
74 Buchanan, James  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
75 Grant, Michael  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
76 Botana, Adam  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
77 Giallombardo, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
78 Persons-Mulicka, Jenna  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
79 Roach, Spencer  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
80 Melo, Lauren Uhlich (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
81 Skidmore, Kelly  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
82 Denzel, Raymond Jacob (DEM) Active    
  Snyder, John  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
83 Overdorf, Toby  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
84 Trabulsy, Dana  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
85 Roth, Rick  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
86 Banionis, Saulis  (REP) Active    
  Densen, Seth Michael (DEM) Active    
  Margolis, Robert  (DEM) Active    
  Waldron, Katherine  (DEM) Active    
87 Eggen, Justin  (REP) Active    
  Silvers, David Ryan (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Zapata, Daniel Judiel (REP) Active    
88 Hardy, Omari  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Osta, Sienna Leigh Margaret (DEM) Active    
89 Caruso, Michael A. (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
  Levy, Lauren Allison (DEM) Active    
90 Casello, Joe A. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Feit, Keith  (REP) Active    
  Zahangir, Hasan  (DEM) Active    
91 DuCasse, Christina  (REP) Active    
  Slosberg, Emily  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
93 LaMarca, Chip  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
94 Carn, Michael  (DEM) Active    
95 Omphroy, Anika Tene (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
96 Hunschofsky, Christine  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
97 Daley, Dan  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Foganholi, Daniel Penha (REP) Active    
98 Gottlieb, Michael  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Hague, Jenna Leigh (REP) Active    
99 Cassel, Hillary Brisson (DEM) Active    
  Faske, Barry Loren (DEM) Active    
  Katzman, Jeremy  (DEM) Active    
100 Delmay, Todd Lyle (DEM) Active    
  Leonard, Jordan W. (DEM) Active    
  Miller, Clay  (DEM) Active    
  Ortega, Gustavo  (DEM) Active    
  Shields, Evan A. (DEM) Active    
  Sutjapojnukul, Wena "Lynn Su" (REP) Active    
101 Woodson, Marie Paule (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
102 Robinson, Felicia Simone (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
103 Fabricio, Tom  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
104 Bartleman, Robin  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Navarini, George O. (REP) Active    
105 Borrero, David  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
106 Rommel, Bob  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
107 Benjamin, Christopher  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Francius, Wancito  (DEM) Active    
  Prime, Pierre M (NPA) Active    
108 Hardemon, Roy  (DEM) Active    
  Joseph, Dotie  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
109 Bush III, James  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
110 Rizo Jr, Alejandro  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
111 Casals-Munoz, Vivian  (REP) Active    
  Lamas, Orlando  (REP) Active    
112 Hepburn, Michael  (DEM) Active    
113 Byrdsong, Antonio  (REP) Active    
  D'Amico, Alessandro James (DEM) Active    
114 Benna, Adam  (DEM) Active    
  Busatta Cabrera, Demi  (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
115 Aloupis, Vance Arthur (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
116 Perez, Daniel Anthony (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
117 Chambliss, Kevin Dykemia (DEM)  *Incumbent Active    
  Farias, Johnny Gonzalo (DEM) Active    
118 Sotelo, Daniel  (REP) Active    
  Tsay, Ricky  (REP) Active    
119 Fernandez-Barquin, Juan Alfonso (REP)  *Incumbent Active    
120 Allen, Robert  (REP) Active    
  Gentle, Adam  (DEM) Active    
  Horton-Diaz, Daniel Edward (DEM) Active    
  Mooney Jr, James "Jim" Vernon (REP)  *Incumbent Active    

Circuit Judge
Circuit / Group Candidate Status Primary General
2 / 1 Hawkes, Joshua M (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 2 / 10 Miller, Anthony  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 2 / 11 Caloca-Johnson, Dawn  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 2 / 14 Smith, J. Layne (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 2 / 15 Sjostrom, Jonathan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
3 / 1 Koberlein Jr., Frederick Laurence (NOP) Active    
4 / 5 Feltel Jr., Gilbert Lee (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 4 / 9 Anderson, Bruce R. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 4 / 12 Cox, Angela Marie (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 4 / 13 Branham, Jeb T (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 4 / 31 Salem, Ronald Anthony (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
6 / 19 Helinger, John "Jack"  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
7 / 2 Janesk II, Kenneth James (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
8 / 6 Keim, Donna M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 8 / 10 Colaw, James Matthew (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 8 / 13 Wright, George M (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
9 / 8 Blackwell, Alice L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 9 / 9 Roche, Renee Anne (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 9 / 11 Kerestes, Alison  (NOP) Active    
   Mize, Joshua Aaron (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 9 / 14 Beamer, John  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
   Morris, Michael  (NOP) Active    
   Stewart, Michael  (NOP) Active    
 9 / 25 Tynan, Greg  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 9 / 44 Bartolone Jr., Aldo G. (NOP) Active    
   Chiu, Vincent  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
11 / 3 Jean, Lody  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 4 DiRaimondo, Christina Marie (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 6 Cruz, Laura Shearon (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 9 del Rey, Marcia  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 10 Bernstein, Scott M (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 12 Soto, Bertila Ana (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 16 Rebull, Tom "Tomas"  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 20 Watson, Robert T. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 26 Altfield, William I. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 28 Bailey, Jennifer D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 32 Areces, Barbara  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 34 Blumstein, Mark  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
   Rodriguez, Ariel  (NOP) Active    
 11 / 39 Young, David H (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 40 Thomas, William  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 41 Hirsch, Milton "Milt"  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 45 Cohen, Samantha Ruiz (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 46 Areces, Ramiro C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 52 Rodriguez-Fonts, Oscar  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 59 Sayfie, Nushin G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 62 Beovides, Gina  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 63 Fernandez-Karavetsos, Marlene A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 64 James, Zachary N. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 11 / 74 Sarduy, George "Jorge" A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
12 / 2 Moreland, Diana L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
13 / 4 Rice, Elizabeth Gicella (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 13 / 6 Tibbals, Wesley  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 13 / 24 Polo, Melissa Mary (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 13 / 36 Battles, Emmett Lamar (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 13 / 37 Smith, Jared Edward (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
14 / 9 Henry, William Scott (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
15 / 14 Gillman, Paige  (NOP) Active    
 15 / 15 Francis, Renatha  (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
16 / 2 Koenig, Timothy Joseph (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
17 / 2 Gillespie, Kenneth L (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 17 / 4 Williams, Elijah H. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 17 / 6 Rodriguez, Carlos A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 17 / 9 Alperstein, Lauren Melissa (NOP) Active    
   Gundersen, Andrea Ruth (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 17 / 13 Bristol, Hope Tieman (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 17 / 20 Chaves, Andres Felipe (NOP) Active    
 17 / 24 Lynch V, Thomas Michael (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
20 / 4 McFee, Shannon Howard (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 20 / 7 Shenko, James "Jim" R (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 20 / 15 Laboda, Alane Cheryl (NOP)  *Incumbent Active    
 20 / 22 Brodie, Lauren L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Active