Candidate Listing for 2020 General Election

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President of the United States
Candidate Status Primary General
Biden, Joseph R. (DEM)  /  Harris, Kamala D. Defeated   Eliminated
Blankenship, Don  (CPF)  /  Mohr, William  Defeated   Eliminated
Carroll, Brian  (WRI)  /  Patel, Amar  Defeated   Eliminated
De La Fuente, Roque "Rocky" (REF)  /  Richardson, Darcy G. Defeated   Eliminated
Hawkins, Howie  (GRE)  /  Walker, Angela Nicole Defeated   Eliminated
Howard, Shawn  (WRI)  /  Howard, Alyssa  Defeated   Eliminated
Jorgensen, Jo  (LPF)  /  Cohen, Jeremy "Spike" Defeated   Eliminated
La Riva, Gloria  (PSL)  /  Freeman, Sunil  Defeated   Eliminated
Laboch, Michael A. (WRI)  /  Pope, Raechelle  Defeated   Eliminated
Simmons, Jade  (WRI)  /  Nixon, Melissa  Defeated   Eliminated
Trump, Donald J. (REP)  /  Pence, Michael R.  *Incumbent Elected   Won
Walls-Windhauser, Angela Marie (WRI)  /  Tolbert, Charles Frederick Defeated   Eliminated
Wells, Kasey  (WRI)  /  Wells, Rachel  Defeated   Eliminated

United States Representative
District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Ehr, Phil  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Gaetz, Matt  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Merk, Greg  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Mills, John  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Oram, Albert  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
2 Dunn, Neal  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  O'Connor, Kim  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
3 Cammack, Kat  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Chamberlin, Ryan D. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Chase, Todd  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Christensen, Adam  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Dodds, Philip  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Engelbrecht, Bill  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Millado, Joe Dallas (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Rollins, Gavin  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Sapp, Judson  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  St. George, James  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Theus, David  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Wells, Amy Pope (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Wells, Tom  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
4 Aguilar, Erick J. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Deegan, Donna  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Koniz, Gary L. (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Rutherford, John H. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
5 Adler, Gary  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Chester, Albert  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Holloway, LaShonda "L.J." (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Lawson, Al  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Wagoner, Roger  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
6 Curtis, Clint  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Grayson, Alan  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Nolan, John G. "Gerry" (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Thripp, Richard  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Waltz, Michael  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
7 Garlington, William R. (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Goble, Richard  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Murphy, Stephanie  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Valentin, Leo  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Zhao, Yukong  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
8 Caine, Scott  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Kennedy, Jim  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Posey, Bill  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
9 Castillo, Jose  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Hill, Clay  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Olson, William P. "Bill" (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Ortiz, Sergio E. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Soto, Darren  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Wright, Christopher  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
10 Demings, Val  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Francois, Vennia  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Montague, Willie J. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Yasmine, Sufiyah  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
11 Cottrell, Dana Marie (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Webster, Daniel  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
12 Bilirakis, Gus Michael (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Walker, Kimberly  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
13 Buck, George  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Crist, Charlie  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Curnow, Jacob  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Griffin, Sheila  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Luna, Anna Paulina (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Makki, Amanda  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Newby, Sharon Barry (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
14 Castor, Kathy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Elliott, Paul Sidney (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Quinn, Christine Y. (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
15 Cohn, Alan  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Franklin, Scott  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Hattersley, Adam  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Philippe, Jesse  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Spano, Ross  (REP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
16 Buchanan, Vern  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Good, Margaret  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
17 Ellison, Allen  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Murray, Theodore "Pink Tie" (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Steube, Greg  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
18 Keith, Pam  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Mast, Brian  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Miller, K. W. (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Vazquez, Oz  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Vessio, Nick  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
19 Aquino, Darren  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Askar, Casey  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Banyai, Cindy Lyn (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Donalds, Byron  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Eagle, Dane  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Figlesthaler, William "Fig" (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Henderson, Randy  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Holden, David  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Kowal, Daniel  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  McLaughlin, Christy  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Post, Patrick  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Severson, Dan  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
20 Cherfilus-McCormick, Sheila  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  DeGrammont, Vic  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Hastings, Alcee L. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Musselwhite, Greg  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
21 Acosta, Christian  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Blass, Piotr  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Caravetta, Sylvia  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Felton, Elizabeth  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Frankel, Lois  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Loomer, Laura  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Malkemus, Charleston  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Scanlan, Aaron  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Sherrill, Reba  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Vilardi, Michael  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Weiss, Guido  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
22 Deutch, Ted  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Flynn, Fran  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Melton, Jessica "Jessi" (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Pruden, James "Jim" (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Swaffar, Darlene  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
23 Fugate, Demetrius "DB" (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Kroske, Michael  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Olson, Jeff  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Perelman, Jennifer "Jen" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Spalding, Carla  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Wasserman Schultz, Debbie  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
24 De La Fuente, Ricardo  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Knepper, Howard  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Lehtola, Sakinah Lee (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Olivo, Christine Alexandria (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Rivera, Hector  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Spicer, Lavern  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Wilson, Frederica  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
25 Diaz-Balart, Mario  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
26 Blanco, Omar  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Gimenez, Carlos  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie  (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
27 Fiol, Juan  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Molina, Raymond  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Polo Sr, Frank E. (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Salazar, Maria Elvira (REP) Elected Won Won
  Shalala, Donna  (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Unopposed Eliminated

State Attorney
Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
1 Bowden Madden, Ginger  (REP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
2 Campbell, Jack  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
3 Durrett, John F. (REP) Elected Won Unopposed
  Seifert, Tina  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
4 Nelson, Melissa  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
5 Gladson, William M. (REP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
6 McCabe, Bernie  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
7 Dempsey, Don  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Larizza, R. J. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
8 Kramer, Brian  (REP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
9 Barra, Deborah Lynne (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Perry Jr, Belvin  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Torroella, Jose  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Williams, Ryan  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Worrell, Monique  (DEM) Elected Won Won
10 Haas, Brian  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
11 Fernandez Rundle, Katherine  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
  Pearson, Melba V. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
12 Brodsky, Ed  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Chittaro, Lisa  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Young, Betsy  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
13 Perotti, Mike  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Warren, Andrew  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
14 Basford, Larry  (REP) Elected Won Unopposed
  Hatcher, Wes  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
15 Aronberg, Dave  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
16 Barrett, Donald C. (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Kohl, Mark E. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Ward, Dennis W. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
17 Cannady, David  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Fanning-Williams, Teresa  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Kimok, Joe  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Lewis, James "Jimmy" Stewart (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  McCormack, Justin  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Murphy, Sarahnell  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Pryor, Harold Fernandez (DEM) Elected Won Won
  Rossman, Gregg  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Rydell, Joshua David (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
18 Archer, Phil  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
19 Bakkedahl, Tom  (REP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Public Defender
Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
1 Miller, Bruce A. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
2 Thomas, Andy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
  Yeary, Jessica  (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
3 Wilson Jr, Cliff  (REP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
4 Cofer, Charlie  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
5 Graves, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
6 Mollo, Sara Beth (REP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
7 Burden, George  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Gennusa, Anne Marie  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Metz, Matt  (REP) Elected Won Unopposed
8 Scott, Stacy Ann (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
9 Wesley, Bob  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
10 Dimmig, Rex  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
11 Martinez, Carlos J. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
12 Eger, Larry  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
13 Holt, Julianne M. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
14 Sims, Henry Mark (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
15 Haughwout, Carey  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
16 Lockwood, Robert  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
17 Green, Ruby Lenora (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Lynch, Tom  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Ross, Brion  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Weekes, Gordon  (DEM) Elected Won Won
18 Trettis, Blaise  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
19 Litty, Diamond R. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

State Senator
District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Broxson, Douglas V. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Butler, Karen M. (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
3 Ausley, Loranne  (DEM) Elected Unopposed Won
  Horbowy, Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Preston, Marva Harris (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
5 Bradley, Jennifer  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Holifield, Jason G. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Peters, Stacey L. (DEM) Defeated   Eliminated
7 Dembinsky, Richard  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Hunter, Heather  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Hutson, Travis J. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
9 Ashby, Rick  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Brodeur, Jason  (REP) Elected Unopposed Won
  Carter, Alexis  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Duncan, H. Alexander (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Iannotti, Jestine  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Remy, Guerdy  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Sigman, Patricia  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
11 Adams, Joshua Eli (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Bracy, Randolph  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
13 Anderson, Josh  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Stewart, Linda  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
15 James, Mike  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Minnis Jr, Louis T. (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Torres Jr, Victor M. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
17 Fretwell, Scot  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Mayfield, Debbie  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Snyder, Phillip  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
19 Cole, Kriztofer Dulton (REP) Transferred to Local    
  Paylan, Christina  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
21 Boyd, Jim  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Eldon, Anthony "Tony" (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Houman, John Manners (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
23 Gruters, Joe  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Kaplan, Robert  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Norman, Katherine  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
25 Balderramos Robinson, Corinna  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Diaz, Reinaldo Daniel (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Harrell, Gayle  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
27 Brown, Rachel  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Fitzenhagen, Heather  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Rodrigues, Ray  (REP) Elected Won Won
29 Norton, Brian  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Polsky, Tina  (DEM) Elected Won Won
  Slosberg, Irving "Irv" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
31 Berman, Lori  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Donnally, Tami  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
33 Edden, Terry Ann Williams (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Meza, Steven  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Pooler, Shelton A. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Thurston Jr, Perry E. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
35 Campbell, Daphne  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Harbin, Wilbur  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Hill, Darien  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Ighodaro, Erhabor  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Jones, Shevrin "Shev" (DEM) Elected Won Won
  Stafford, Cynthia Ann (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Watson, Barbara  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
37 Garcia, Ileana  (REP) Elected Unopposed Won
  Rodriguez, Alex  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Rodriguez, Jose Javier (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
39 Alfonso, Celso D. (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Fernandez, Javier E. (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Horton-Diaz, Daniel "Dan" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Rodriguez, Ana Maria (REP) Elected Unopposed Won

State Representative
District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Hill, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
  Mathis, Franscine C. (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Salzman, Michelle  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Scott-Shouse, Barbara  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
2 Andrade, Alex  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Dosev, Cris  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Krumel, Dianne  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
3 Hoover, Angela L. (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Williamson, Jayer  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
4 Atkinson, Sandra L. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Hinkle, Jeff  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Lawrence, Lance  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Maney, Patt  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Plante, John  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Ponder, Mel  (REP)  *Incumbent Transferred to Local    
  Tallman, Jonathan Michael (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
5 Drake, Brad  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
6 Bays, Alicia  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Linne, Steven  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Trumbull, Jay  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
7 Khan, Taymour  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Shoaf, Jason  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
8 Alexander, Ramon  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
9 Grice-Walker, Arnitta Jane (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Kallinger, Jim  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Tant, Allison  (DEM) Elected Won Won
10 Aboujaoude Jr, Rock  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Brannan, Chuck  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
11 Byrd, Cord  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Hicks, Joshua  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
12 Blimie, Emmanuel  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Chialtas, Spyros "Speed" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  McArthur, Colin Ross (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Yarborough, Clay  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
13 Davis, Tracie  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
  Smith, Cynthia  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
14 Daniels, Kimberly  (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
  Nixon, Angie  (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
15 Duggan, Wyman  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  McGovern, Jay  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Thomas, Tammyette  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
16 Fischer, Jason  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Marcus, Ben  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
17 Rogers, Dave  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Stevenson, Cyndi  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
18 Edwards, Leroy Anthony (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Garrison, Sam  (REP) Elected Unopposed Won
  Willey, Ken  (LPF) Defeated   Eliminated
19 Dugger, Kimberly  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Payne, Bobby  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
20 Hayes Hinson, Yvonne  (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
  Long, Rodney  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
21 Clemons, Chuck  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Enneking, Kayser  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
22 Byram, Barbara  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Harding, Joe  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Randall, Russ  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
23 Dela Rosa, Cynthia  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  McClain, Stan  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Rowe, Richard Allen (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
24 Morley, Adam  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Renner, Paul  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
25 Hannoush, Joseph "Joe" (LPF) Defeated   Eliminated
  Leek, Tom  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Zutter, Sarah  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
26 Fetterhoff, Elizabeth  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Henry, Patrick  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Smith, Evans L. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
27 Barnaby, Webster  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Benfield, Erika  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Denizac, Zenaida  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Guzman, Dolores  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
28 Baker, Pasha  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Mangold, Lee  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Riccio, Michael A. (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Smith, David  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
29 Dowe, Luther "Luke" (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Kagan, Tracey  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Plakon, Scott  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Rodriguez, Juan  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
30 Cortes, Bob  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Goff-Marcil, Joy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
31 Kaplan, Debra A. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Novakovic, Stevan  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Stile, Crissy  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Truenow, Keith  (REP) Elected Won Won
32 Dukes, Stephanie L. (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Kero, Linda  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Morales, Ryan  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Sabatini, Anthony  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
33 Hage, Brett T. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Melvin, Mamie "Dee" (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
34 Gosai, Dushyant Jethagir (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Massullo Jr, Ralph E. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
35 Ingoglia, Blaise  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Laufenberg, Keith G. (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
36 Endonino, Daniel  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Mariano, Amber  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
37 Garcia, Tammy  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Zika, Ardian  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
38 Maggard, Randy  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Staver, Brian  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
39 Cause, Chris  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Tomkow, Josie  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
40 Barrow, Jan  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Burton, Colleen  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Michie, Emily  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
41 Killebrew, Sam  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  West, Jared  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
42 Cady, Barbara Ann (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Hawkins, Fred  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Liebnitzky, Dianna  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Sanchez, Leroy  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Scott, Gary  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Valentin, Bienvenido "Benny" (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
43 Arrington, Kristen  (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
  Barrio, Alex  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Irizarry Sr, Carlos L. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Jeng, Horng "Andrew" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Lyles, Tamika  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Rangel, Ricardo  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
44 Blanco, Frank Edel (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Farrell, Andy  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Portigliatti, Bruno  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Thompson, Geraldine F. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
45 Brown, Kamia L. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
46 McCurdy, Travaris  (DEM) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
47 Eskamani, Anna V. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Morenski, Kevin  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Sisson, Jeremy  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
48 Martinez, Jesus  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Mercado, Amy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Transferred to Local    
  Morales, Daisy  (DEM) Elected Won Won
  Pena, Nelson  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Rocha, Julio L. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Tsonis, Tony  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Vilchez Santiago, Samuel  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
49 Prater, Robert  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Smith, Carlos Guillermo (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
50 Plasencia, Rene "Coach P" (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Yoakum, Nina  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
51 Majid, Joan Marie (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Sirois, Tyler  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
52 Altman, Thad  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Dabbs, Lloyd  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Nye, Matt  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
53 Adkins, Marcelle "Marcie" (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Fine, Randy  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Moore, Phil  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Unger, Thomas Patrick (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
54 Grall, Erin  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Griffiths, Albert M. (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
55 Hancock, Ned  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Hensley, Jacob  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
  Tripp, Linda  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Tuck, Kaylee  (REP) Elected Won Won
56 Bautista, Eric  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Bell, Melony  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Davis, James  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
57 Beltran, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Hottenstein, Scott "Mr. H" (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
58 McClure, Lawrence  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Townsend Jr, Cleo L. "CL" (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
59 Kushmer, Danny  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Learned, Andrew  (DEM) Elected Unopposed Won
  Owen, Michael  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
60 Jenkins, Julie  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Toledo, Jackie  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
61 Hart, Dianne "Ms. Dee" (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
62 Rodriguez-Person, Laurie  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Urbina Capo, Angel S. (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Valdes, Susan L. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
63 Driskell, Fentrice  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
64 Harrington, Jessica  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Koster, Traci  (REP) Elected Unopposed Won
65 Johnson, Kelly  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Sprowls, Chris  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
66 DiCeglie, Nick  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Plantamura, Patricia M. (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
67 Douglas, Dawn  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Henkel, Michael R. "Mike" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Latvala, Chris  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
68 Diamond, Ben  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Tito, Matt  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
69 Chaney, Linda  (REP) Elected Unopposed Won
  Webb, Jennifer N. (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
70 Bell, Keisha  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Grimsley, Michelle  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Oliver, Mark  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Rayner, Michele K. (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
71 Mele, Andy  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Robinson, Will  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
72 Arroyo, Erik  (REP) Transferred to Local    
  Barcomb, Donna  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Buckman, Drake  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  McFarland, Fiona  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Miller, Jason M. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
73 Fairey, David Reeves (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Gregory, Tommy  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
74 Buchanan, James  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Stortstrom, Lisa  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
75 Grant, Michael  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Jones, David G. (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
76 Botana, Adam  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Maughan, Jason  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Weber, Anselm  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
77 Blackwell, Bryan  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Giallombardo, Mike  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Lopez, Joshua  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
78 Lolly, Roger  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Lynch, Charlie  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Persons, Jenna  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Williams, Shawn Michael (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
79 Allen-Scott, Randy  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Fornear, Danika  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Roach, Spencer  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
80 Clark, Drew-Montez  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Dotres, Victor  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Melo, Lauren Uhlich (REP) Elected Won Won
  Novosad, Laura  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
81 Banionis, Saulis  (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Moura, Silmo  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Skidmore, Kelly  (DEM) Elected Won Won
  Weinstein, Michael D. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
82 Ackerly, Elisa Edwards (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Domino, Carl J. (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Kozell, Rick  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Snyder, John  (REP) Elected Won Won
83 Bernier, Edgar "EJ" (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Overdorf, Toby  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
84 Hogan Johnson, Delores  (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Trabulsy, Dana  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Vargas, Eileen  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
85 Carroll, Jim  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Roth, Rick  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
86 Kufdakis Rivera, Susan M. (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Willhite, Matt  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
87 Sennett, Herb  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Silvers, David  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
88 Anderson, Rubin  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
  Hardy, Omari  (DEM) Elected Won Won
  Jacquet, Al  (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
  Louis Jeune, Philippe "Bob" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Madsen, Danielle  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Osta, Sienna  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Thomas, Cedrick A. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
89 Bonfiglio, Jim  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Caruso, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
90 Casello, Joseph A. (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Maldonado, Lydia  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
91 Hussain, Sayd  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Slosberg, Emily Ann (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
92 Hawkins-Williams, Patricia  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  St. Clair, Nancy  (NPA) Defeated   Eliminated
93 Gonzalez, Linda Thompson (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  LaMarca, Chip  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
94 DuBose, Bobby  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
  Manley, Elijah  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
95 Omphroy, Anika  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
  Rogers-Shaw, Jasmen  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
96 Farooqui, Saima  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Hunschofsky, Christine  (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
97 Daley, Dan  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
98 Gottlieb, Michael  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
99 Jenne, Evan  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
100 Geller, Joseph "Joe" (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
101 Johnson, Brian C. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Mohammed, Ashira A. (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Parlatore, Vincent "Vinny" (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Woodson, Marie  (DEM) Elected Won Won
102 Hinds, Dennis  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Robinson, Felicia Simone (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
  Tisdol, Matthew  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Williams Jr, David  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
103 Fabricio, Tom  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Polo, Cindy  (DEM)  *Incumbent Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Rodriguez, Nelson  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
104 Bartleman, Robin  (DEM) Elected Won Won
  Navarini, George  (REP) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Wright, Morey  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
105 Barrios, Pedro  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Borrero, David  (REP) Elected Won Won
  Estevez, Javier  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Porras, Maureen  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Potestad, Bibiana  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
106 McFadden, Sara  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Rommel, Bob  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
107 Benjamin, Christopher  (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
  Harvard, Ulysses "Buck" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
108 Bossous Jr, Georges  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Hardemon, Roy  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Joseph, Dotie  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
109 Bush III, James  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
110 Collazo, Annette  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Rizo, Alex  (REP) Elected Unopposed Won
111 Avila, Bryan  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Hancock, Ross Elde (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
112 Barreiro, Bruno A. (REP) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Duran, Nicholas Xavier (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Palomino, Rosa Maria "Rosy" (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
113 Grieco, Michael  (DEM)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
114 Bado, Jean-Pierre  (DEM) Defeated Won Eliminated
  Cabrera, Demi Busatta (REP) Elected Unopposed Won
  Loyzelle, Sue "Susi" (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
115 Aloupis, Vance  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Cesti-Browne, Franccesca  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
116 Garcia, Gabriel  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Lynch, Bob  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Perez, Daniel A. (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Won
  Rodriguez, Manuel  (WRI) Defeated   Eliminated
117 Chambliss, Kevin  (DEM) Elected Won Unopposed
  Ford, Harold  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
  Laguerre Hylton, Jessica  (DEM) Defeated Eliminated  
118 Junquera, Ricky  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Rodriguez, Anthony  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
119 Fernandez-Barquin, Juan  (REP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Won
  Mohammad, Imtiaz Ahmad (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
120 Barras, Clint  (DEM) Defeated Unopposed Eliminated
  Mooney Jr, James "Jim" Vernon (REP) Elected Won Won
  Rebman Lopez, Rhonda  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  
  Suarez, Alexandria  (REP) Defeated Eliminated  

Supreme Court Justice
Candidate Status Primary General
Muņiz, Carlos G. (NOP) Retained   Won

District Court of Appeal
District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Lewis Jr, Joseph  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Makar, Scott  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Nordby, Rachel  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Osterhaus, Tim  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Roberts, Clay  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Tanenbaum, Adam S. (NOP) Retained   Won
2 Atkinson, Drew  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Silberman, Morris  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Sleet, Daniel H. (NOP) Retained   Won
  Smith, Andrea Teves (NOP) Retained   Won
3 Gordo, Monica  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Hendon, Eric William (NOP) Retained   Won
  Lobree, Fleur Jeannine (NOP) Retained   Won
  Logue, Thomas  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Miller, Bronwyn Catherine (NOP) Retained   Won
4 Forst, Alan O. (NOP) Retained   Won
  Klingensmith, Mark W. (NOP) Retained   Won
  Warner, Martha C. (NOP) Retained   Won
5 Evander, Kerry I. (NOP) Retained   Won
  Harris, John M. (NOP) Retained   Won
  Orfinger, Richard B. (NOP) Retained   Won
  Sasso, Meredith  (NOP) Retained   Won
  Wallis, F. Rand (NOP) Retained   Won

Circuit Judge
Circuit / Group Candidate Status Primary General
1 / 8 Duncan, J. Scott (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 1 / 10 Boles, W. Joel (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 1 / 16 Shackelford, Jan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 1 / 17 Pitre, Stephen A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 1 / 19 Simon Jr, John F. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 1 / 22 Kinsey, Jennie  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
2 / 4 Baker, Tiffany  (NOP) Elected Runoff Won
   Moody, Nina  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Wall, Amanda P. (NOP) Defeated Runoff Eliminated
   Williams, Pete  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 2 / 6 Carroll, Kevin J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 2 / 8 Cooper, John C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 2 / 9 Everett, Stephen S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 2 / 13 Marsh, J. Lee (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 2 / 16 Alvarez, Kevin  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Dempsey, Angela  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
3 / 4 Parker, Greg  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 3 / 6 Feagle, Mark E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 3 / 7 Johnson, Leandra G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
4 / 4 Daniel, James H. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 5 Waters, Rhonda Peoples (NOP) Transferred to Local    
 4 / 6 Bass, Lester B. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 8 Kalil, Michael  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 10 Day, Lance M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 11 Soud, Adrian G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 13 Gooding, David M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 21 Charbula, Meredith  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 26 Salvador, Tatiana Radi (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 27 Sharrit, Michael "Mike" (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 28 Norton, Virginia  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 4 / 30 Wallace, Waddell A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
5 / 2 Welke, Brian J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 3 Hatcher, Mary P. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 10 Jerald, R. Gregg (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 11 Howard, Richard A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 12 Mosley, Danny Ray (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 14 Singeltary, G. Richard (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 17 Metz, Larry  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 18 Herndon, Lisa  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 22 Angeliadis, George G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
   Vergara, Pam  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
 5 / 24 Youmans, Stacy M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 27 Falvey, Carol A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 5 / 28 Baxley, James R. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
6 / 1 St. John, Susan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 2 Polk, Alicia  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 6 Handsel, Mary Morrissey (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 7 Campbell, Pamela A. M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 8 Barthle, Susan G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 16 Byrd, Kimberly Sharpe (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 17 Pollack, Fred  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 21 Matthey, Phil  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 25 Crane, Shawn  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 26 Babb, Linda H. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 28 Frayman, Evan  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Vergos, Eva  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 6 / 33 Rondolino, Anthony  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 37 Stearns, James R. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 38 LaBruzzo, Christopher M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 39 Diskey, Daniel D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 41 Allan, Linda  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 42 Jirotka, George M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 6 / 44 Jack, Elizabeth "Liz" (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Ward-Singleton, Ashley  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
7 / 6 Handy, Anna  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Orfinger, Mike  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
 7 / 7 Clayton, James R. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 10 Ferebee, Christopher S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 11 Hudson, Margaret Warren (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 14 Anthony, Joan  (NOP) Elected Runoff Won
   Hilbert, Dan  (NOP) Defeated Runoff Eliminated
   Osterndorf, MaryEllen  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 7 / 18 Foxman, Karen Adams (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 19 Maltz, Howard Mason (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 20 Weston, Kathy  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 23 Henderson, Steven C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 24 Upchurch, Sandy  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 25 Zambrano, Raul A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 26 Rowe III, Randell H. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 7 / 27 Rendzio, Bryan Robert (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
   Washington, Alicia  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
8 / 1 Groeb, Robert Kirk (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 8 / 4 DeThomasis, Craig C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 8 / 7 Pena, Phillip A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 8 / 11 Davis, William E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
9 / 1 Arnold, Rhiannon  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Nix, Mikaela  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
 9 / 2 Jordan, John E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 6 Alvaro, Chad  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 10 Beamer, Denise  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 12 Schreiber, Margaret  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 16 Higbee, Heather  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 18 Barbour, Elaine  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 21 Apte, Alan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
   Collins, Christy C. (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
 9 / 22 Wooten, Wayne C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 24 Madrigal, Diego M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 30 Weiss, Kevin B. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 31 Whitehead, Reginald K. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 32 Tennis, Diana  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 33 Rodriguez, Heather Pinder (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 34 Kraynick, Mike  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
   Singh, Amrita  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 9 / 35 Leach, Barbara  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 36 Carsten, Keith  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 9 / 39 Falcone, Vincent  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Van Valkenburgh, Mark  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 9 / 40 Latimore, Alicia L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
10 / 2 Pincket, Michelle  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 8 Franklin, Sharon M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 16 Helms, Larry  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 19 Denmark, Cassandra L. (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 21 Hill II, Gerald P. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 23 Estrada, Peter F. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 24 Carpanini, Mark F. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 25 Spohr, Torea S. (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 10 / 26 Harb, Jalal A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
11 / 1 Cuesta, Ivonne  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 2 Figarola, Rosa C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 5 Zayas, Angelica D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 7 Rodriguez, Jose M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 11 Cueto, Jorge E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 16 Bokor, Alex Spicola (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 17 Trawick, Daryl E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 18 Sanchez-Llorens, Migna  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 19 Colodny, Yvonne  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 21 Brinkley, Tanya J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 22 Stuzin, Laura Anne (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 23 Lopez, Peter R. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 27 Milian, Alberto  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 30 Multack, Spencer Jet (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 33 Barakat, Michelle Alvarez (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 35 Prescott, Orlando A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 37 Delancy, Michelle  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 38 Glick, Stacy Daryl (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 44 Denaro, Dawn Veronica (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 48 Miranda, Cristina  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 50 Cynamon, Abby  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 51 Caballero, Marcia B. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 55 Adebayo, Olanike "Nike" (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Perkins, Joe  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
 11 / 57 Cabarga, Carmen  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Vereen, Roderick "Rod" (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 11 / 58 Zilber, Martin  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 61 Fine, Alan S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 65 Martinez-Scanziani, Denise  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Rebull, Thomas J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
 11 / 67 Hansen, Marcia Giordano (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Ruiz, Mavel  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
 11 / 69 Hersch, Richard Leslie (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 70 Diaz, Veronica A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 72 Diaz, Reemberto  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 73 Guzman, Carlos Manuel (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 75 Aponte, Rosy Anette (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Tunis, Dava J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
 11 / 76 Eig, Spencer  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 77 Avgherino Butchko, Beatrice "Betty" (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 11 / 79 Wolfson, Andrea R. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
12 / 1 Smith Jr, Gilbert Alexander (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 12 / 5 Roberts, Charles E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 12 / 6 Carlton Bonner, Kimberly  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 12 / 10 Walker, Stephen Matthew (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 12 / 15 Sniffen, Charles  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 12 / 17 Maulucci, Susan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 12 / 18 Bruning, Kevin  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 12 / 19 Nicholas, Edward  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
13 / 1 Tesche Arkin, Caroline  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 2 Ward, Samantha  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 5 Williams, Michael  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 7 Catlin, Catherine M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 8 Twine-Thomas, Barbara  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 9 Ayers, Kelly  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Schifino, John  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 13 / 10 Barbas, Rex Martin (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 11 Alvarez, Lindsay  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 13 Goudie, Lyann  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 15 Lefler, Lawrence M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 19 Ivanov, Ashley  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Scionti, Michael J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
 13 / 20 Ward, Laura  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 21 Campbell, Lisa Denise (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 27 Corvo, Vivian T. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 29 Nazaretian, Nick  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 30 Alvarez, Danny  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Daniel, Helene  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
 13 / 31 Bonavita, Scott  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Dolgin, Gary  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Green, Greg  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
 13 / 33 Essrig, Katherine G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 34 Bauman, Robert  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 38 Sisco, Michelle  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 39 DePaul, Wendy Joy (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Stephens, Steven Scott (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
 13 / 40 Sabella, Christopher  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 13 / 41 Palermo, Thomas N. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
14 / 7 Goodman Jr, James Jefferson (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 14 / 10 Stephenson, Dustin  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
15 / 5 Scher, Rosemarie  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 8 Curley Jr, Gerard Joseph (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 12 Keyser, Gregory M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 16 Gillen, Jeffrey  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
   Johnson, Henry Quinn (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 15 / 20 Nutt, James E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 21 Bell, Carolyn Ruth (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 27 Kelley, Glenn D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 30 Goodman, Jaimie  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Runoff Won
   Myron, Adam  (NOP) Defeated Runoff Eliminated
   Siperstein, Caryn  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 15 / 32 Schosberg Feuer, Samantha  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 34 Miller, Karen  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 15 / 35 Burton, Charles E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
16 / 1 Jones, Mark  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 16 / 3 Garcia, Luis M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 16 / 4 Helms, Bonnie J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
17 / 3 Bober, Bernard Isaac "Bernie" (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 11 Orlando, Michael J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 12 Levenson, Jeffrey Richard (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 16 Bailey, Dennis Daniel (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Runoff Eliminated
   Logan, Abbe Sheila Rifkin (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Odom Jr, George  (NOP) Elected Runoff Won
 17 / 17 Schulman, Stacey  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 18 Englander Henning, Patti  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
   Padowitz, Kristin Weisberg (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 17 / 21 Davis, N. Hunter (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 26 Bowman, John  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 27 Chaiken-Weiss, Meredith  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Destry, Matthew Isaac (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
   Ledee, Frank David (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
 17 / 29 Scherer, Elizabeth Anne (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 30 Cohen, Dale C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
   Richards, Ian  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 17 / 33 Greene, Charles Michael (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 37 Siegel, Andrew "Andy" (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 41 Murphy, John J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 47 Holden, Peter  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 49 Navarro, Tarlika  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 50 Alley, Linda A. (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Hawkins, Vegina "Gina" (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated Eliminated  
 17 / 52 Kaplan, Michael G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 54 Bidwill, Martin J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 55 Tuter Jr, Jack B. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 17 / 56 Powell, Mily R. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
18 / 2 Chase, Melanie  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 4 Segal, Robert Alan (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 5 McIntosh, Donna L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 12 Galluzzo, John D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 13 Paulk, George T. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 14 Jacobus, Curt  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 15 Ballou, Tesha Scolaro (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
   Bross, A. Michael (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 18 / 18 Henderson, Steve  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Peacock, Michael  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 18 / 19 Stacy, Susan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 21 Goerner, Donna M. (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Jones, Marc  (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 18 / 23 Maloney, Nancy  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 18 / 25 Bookhardt, Sam  (NOP) Elected Won Unopposed
   Hotusing, Oscar A. (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
19 / 4 Heisey, Michael C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 5 Linn, Michael J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 7 Levin, Steven J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 10 Buchanan, Laurie E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 11 Griffin, Victoria L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Won Unopposed
   Larsen, Louis "Lou" (NOP) Defeated Eliminated  
 19 / 13 Cox, Cynthia L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 14 Roby, William L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 15 Vaughn Sr, Dan L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 16 Mirman, Lawrence Michael (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 19 / 18 Metzger, Elizabeth A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
20 / 3 Evans, Mary C. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 20 / 6 Hayes, Hugh D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 20 / 11 Mason, Donald Herbert (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 20 / 12 Cupp, Scott H. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 20 / 16 Hawthorne, Amy  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 20 / 20 Carlin, John  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
 20 / 25 McHugh, Michael T. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Boca Grande Fire Control District
Seat Candidate Status Primary General
  3 Hugger, Richard P. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Englewood Area Fire Control District
Seat Candidate Status Primary General
  4 Bray, Charles H. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  5 Kimberlin, William  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Englewood Water District
Seat Candidate Status Primary General
  1 Samuels, Steven  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  2 Meals, Taylor  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  3 Crampton, Sydney B. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority
Group Candidate Status Primary General
  1 Watkins, Virginia Thomas (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  3 Tucker, Drew  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  5 Hoysradt, Jean  (NOP) Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement Dist
Seat Candidate Status Primary General
  1 Hollingsworth, Julie  (NOP) Elected   Won
   Welch, Michael J. "Mike" (NOP)  *Incumbent Defeated   Eliminated
   Woodby, Tyler  (NOP) Defeated   Eliminated
  3 Deetscreek, David  (NOP) Defeated   Eliminated
   Marshall, Ren  (NOP) Defeated   Eliminated
   Thompson, Kenneth K. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected   Won
  5 Hoover, Katy  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District
Area Candidate Status Primary General
  1 Boggie, Gordon M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  5 Rockoff, Steve  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Mediterra Community Development District
Seat Candidate Status Primary General
  3 Bishko, Michael J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  4 Greenberg, Robert E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Sebastian Inlet Tax District
District Candidate Status Primary General
  1 Lawton Seal, Jenny  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  2 Mitchell, Beth L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed
  3 Rowland, Michael  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected Unopposed Unopposed

Tolomato Community Development District
Seat Candidate Status Primary General
  1 Morris, Jon  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected   Won
   Ramirez, Andrea  (NOP) Defeated   Eliminated
  3 Fitzgerald, William  (NOP)  *Incumbent Elected   Unopposed